For UBB Radio-English Service: Romanian Parliament voted the law on stray dogs

The Romanian Chamber of Deputies approved on Tuesday the law on stray dogs euthanasia. 

 Adopted after several weeks of delays, the law passed with 168 “pro” votes, 111 “against” and 11 “abstentions”. Still, the final decision is to be be taken by local authorities, which have to decide on the appropriate methods  to get rid of stray dogs.

The law on stray dogs euthanasia was submitted for promulgation to the President of Romania. Before it, the President could ask the Parliament  for a law review.

For several times, civil society, national and international animal rights groups protested against this measure. According to some, this measure was adopted with the purpose of enriching local authorities with substantial funds that will be allocated for these actions. They argue that the most effective and civilized solution is the sterilization of dogs, as over a period of time,  their number will decrease naturally.

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